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Cha Siu

many restaurants here in HK are tasty…. but there will come a time when you will question cleanliness of the preparation and even the origin of the meat..  like hmmm this meat doesn’t resemble pork, beef OR chicken… what is this……..

even the best tea soaking table-side dish washing will still commonly trigger a bowel irritation and/or lack of appetite for days due to usage of old oil etc… scary stuff… I’ve learned my lesson after many trial and errors that my Japanese/Western stomach will never adapt to HK/Chinese street side cooking

so far the best non dodgey restaurant cha siu I’ve come across  was @ Island Tang

weekend dimsum with ivory-esque chopsticks and lovely service (not the dish throwing, tea splashing you would get anywhere else) definitely check it out!




Island Tang Restaurant

9 Queen’s Rd W  Hong Kong