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Lawrys Prime Rib

I absolutely love this place…

Even though my blood type tells me a vegan diet is best to suit, I have a massively weak spot for a good chunk of perfectly grilled meat…

With celeb chef striphouses popping up everywhere, you would think it wouldn’t be so hard to find the perfect one. Don’t get me wrong, there’s decent talent in HK but the issue is always lack of consistency. The same dish on a another day can be the difference between heaven and eating sand.
I swear the quality curve heightens with openings, but once the customers flow, confidence kicks in along with laziness and lack of control which is then combined with shyte clueless service.. and me never to return!

Too many times I’ve ordered a premium piece of meat – medium rare, only to receive it still alive , it gets sent back and returned 5mins later scorched to coal by a truly heartless blowtorch gig.

Like, really?  did you mofos just microwave this??
Total disrespect to the moo cow, the customer, the restaurant and the hard dollars I work my azz off for to pay for it..

anyway, prime rib at Lawry’s is one exclusion… sure, they are a franchise and the uniforms and service can be a little cheesy but they sure know what they are famous for and they do it right every time…
Amex plat card gives you a whopping 50% off the a la carte menu. Can’t go wrong with that!

Spinning salad – this is nothing spectacular but comes with the dinner set


Fully loaded Idaho potato… YUM


and of course… Prime rib, californian cut with creamed spinach and yorkshire pudding..
10 oz I finished it all!


random dude on the street… I want this jersey!!! anyone seen this before??



Engaged in Paris! – パリで婚約しました!

5年近くかかりましたが・・ ようやく。。。 お先でーす!

こんなに素敵な瞬間・・・♪ めちゃ感動しました 🙂



8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA

One of my top 3 fav restaurants in HK…

mid week date night with my lovely fiance!

we’ve just come back from a 2week vacation in Europe in which we spent a week in Italy.

After the bread coma and pasta, steak, wine overdose, I swore I would be on dim sum and noodles diet for a while….  but when it comes to Otto e Mezzo.. I could never say no ….  highest ranked in HK in the Sanpellegrino World’s top 50 restaurants list… I highly suggest you try this place… it’s been my 4th time and always flawless 🙂


seared red tuna with fennel pollen


poached langoustine in asparagus compote with sea urchin… fantastic


burrata cheese ravioli… I could eat a bowl of this…


M9 Tajima beef sirloin…. could have eaten 6 more pieces of this one!


service was impeccable.. food was amazing!!

in the end, the amount of food was just right. No truffles right now but these guys never disappoint.

how I look back to my Italy trip=only 2weeks ago… it feels like it was only a dream…